The Blog

As you scroll down the Facebook feed and through the multitude of new articles and op-ed pieces, you wonder, ‘How can they get it so wrong?’.

So I decided to get it right. This blog is a collation of opinionated articles arguing for and against political and economic policy from a rational and logical viewpoint whilst also discussing fundamental philosophical questions.

I will post an article weekly (probably… I think) for you, my beloved readers, to enjoy and I am always open to criticism and suggestions.

The Author: Sarmed Hyder

An A-Level student and currently a relatively short bloke, I have a mild interest in things to do with social sciences and the like… hence the blog.  With regards to my own affiliations, well, read on and you shall be enlightened.


You may be wondering, “Why the peculiar title?”. Well the inspiration derived from none other than the revered Houses of Parliament during Prime Minister’s Questions. I needn’t explain what happened, instead feast your eyes upon this remarkable exchange by the former Prime Minister, David Cameron. No need to watch it all, just the first minute or so.


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