The Case Against Kurdish Independence

When South Sudan and Eritrea declared independence in 2011 and 1993 respectively, both states were engulfed in corruption, political infighting and in the severe case of South Sudan, a bloody civil war claiming thousands of lives. Clearly independence in a volatile region rife with violence and economic instability will ultimately lead to bloodshed and corruption … Continue reading The Case Against Kurdish Independence


The People’s Tyrant

Nostradamus is often credited for his power to foresee future events, notably ones which damage our world. Well I propose that Socrates himself sits among these ranks. Through his multiple conversations recorded in Plato’s Republic, Socrates describes the evolution of political systems, timocracy to oligarchy then onto democracy and the most notable change of all, … Continue reading The People’s Tyrant

Chaos and War: A Syrian Story

As the Rwandan genocide came to an end in 1994 it had already claimed one million innocent lives and the international community responded with a defiant shout of ‘never again’. Now, again we will repeat the same phrase as the tyrannical Syrian Government regains complete control of the widely symbolic and strategic city of Aleppo. Years … Continue reading Chaos and War: A Syrian Story