The Case for the Death Tax

The term ‘Death Tax’ was first used by a Republican pollster, Frank Lutz, to describe the inheritance tax. It was a highly effective and emotional description of the tax that embodies American hatred for it. It was seen as an example of overreach by the Federal government that attacked individual liberties and harmed hard-working parents … Continue reading The Case for the Death Tax


The Case for Liberty

For the United Kingdom, the post-war period was a time of great difficulty, but also of great hope for a better future. Britons who have lived through the Second World War do not remember those days with anything like the unbridled horror we might suppose – on the contrary, these days of shortage, privation and … Continue reading The Case for Liberty

Brexit Means Breakfast

On the 23rd June 2016, the proletariat rose from the ashes to break the shackles of globalisation from their ankles. To once again rescue Great Britain from the clutches of the evil European imperialists, to unleash a voice of defiance and declare this day our Independence Day… Or so we thought. It turns out that … Continue reading Brexit Means Breakfast