A Plague of Personality: Why Corbyn Gives Me Hope

I can already sense the hate I’ll get from writing this article. I’ve had enough of that winning smile. If recent history teaches us one thing, it’s to always look past it. Obama promised many a time of unity, equality and a ‘stand for change’ all whilst caving in to special-interest groups yearning for tax … Continue reading A Plague of Personality: Why Corbyn Gives Me Hope


The Obama Doctrine

The end of the War on Terror. The new wave of Democrats led by former President Barack Obama promised to achieve this, an end to a multi trillion dollar war that has brought nothing but chaos and more violence across the Middle East. Every day at eight in the morning Obama received two emails from … Continue reading The Obama Doctrine

No… We Can’t – Obama

‘Yes we can’. Three simple yet powerful words that echoed from the Grant Park stage in Chicago, Illinois on the night of November 4th 2008. His victory speech, powerful as always, was performed behind 2 inches thick, 10 feet high bulletproof glass, precautions testament to the momentous event – the first black president. Yet the … Continue reading No… We Can’t – Obama

May’s Dodgy Diplomacy

Winston Churchill once said diplomacy was telling someone to go to Hell in such a manner that they asked for directions - it’s a brilliant quote and a fitting one based on last week’s events. It cannot be understated what a diplomatic challenge Theresa May faced heading to Philadelphia on Thursday to face the new … Continue reading May’s Dodgy Diplomacy